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čtvrtek, srpen 11, 2022


Higher education student and staff mobility project
Project Number: 2020-1-CZ01-KA103-077193

This project focused on expanding the practical and professional skills of participating students and teachers in the field of pedagogy, preschool and extracurricular pedagogy, social work and medical care. Three students and four teachers took part in the project in order to improve their ability to characterize pedagogical and social dynamics, connect it with concepts, supportive psychological and sociological processes, and also characterize integration processes, determine the framework of necessary pedagogical and social intervention in working with minorities, to link its legal and administrative structure with reality. Six mobilities were carried out in the Montessori Escuela Infantil S.L., Education Inicial Sl., Enseñanza Inicial Sl. and the IES Leonardo da Vinci Higher Vocational School in Alicante, Spain. These internships in the international environment have helped all mobilities to broaden their access to new approaches and gain an extensive knowledge of multiculturalism.

More details, videos and pictures to be seen in our diary: Alicante Diary - Higher education student and staff mobility | Facebook

Funded by the EU

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